A New Life....            

....Transitioning into the  beautiful "You"



We Provide
  • Housing: Safe, affordable, structured beds, furniture and other furnishings of daily living are provided.
  • Transportation: Houses are located on bus lines. Transportation to and from AA meetings is available.
  • Social Services: A New Life coordinates and collaborates with area community agencies and provides referrals and access as needed.
  • G.E.D education: Referral services are utilized through neighborhood community centers for continuing educational needs.
  • AA Meetings: Mandatory in-house meetings and access to daily outside meetings are provided for spiritual growth and support necessary for continuous useful sobriety.
  • Community Support: Provided by volunteers, local police departments and existing recovery institutions.
  • Mental Health Services: Available on individual basis through qualified agencies.
  • Recreation: Lounge areas and social opportunities are available.
  • Employment Services: Residents are required to have stable employment and/or volunteer work. A New Life provides referrals and job training.
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